A massive fire broke out in an apartment building in Jackson Heights, Queens on a Tuesday afternoon. The neighborhood was engulfed with a layer of dense smoke as the brave firefighters hustled hard to keep the raging blaze under control. 4 civilians and 5 firefighters are said to be injured in this fire.

As the fire broke out in the top floor of the six-story building, the entire process of putting the fire out became more intense and difficult for the firefighters. The fire is said to be started at the topmost floor of the building from where it spread out in quite a fast pace towards the terrace and became a true nightmare and the firefighters had to take care of it with the help of choppers from the terrace. A team of almost 400 firefighters were witnessed to be present at the site of fire trying really hard to take the matter under control.

Officials are stating the reason of how the fire broke out is still unknown. However, the rapid spread of the blaze took place because the residents are said to be fleeing the apartment keeping the door widely open that led the fire move out of its inception area and take everything in its site. The neighborhood seems to be quite upset with this act of carelessness of the residents.