A warehouse in New Jersey, holding almost 60 cars for auctions suffered a four-alarmed fire on Tuesday. The raging fire is said to be fueled by the gasoline and tires present at the warehouse itself. A huge cloud of blinding black smoke was witnessed by the onlookers as the fire spread out into the warehouse.

The warehouse is said to be jam-packed at the time of origination of the fire which led to the massive spread of it. Firefighters were not able to enter the warehouse and had to deal with the blaring fire from outside the warehouse. As the fire had engulfed almost entire of the warehouse inside, it was quite impossible to enter the premise.

The patrols made sure that the fire did not spread into the neighboring area. However, the flying debris and ash created quite a vision and breathing issues for them. The fire that started early at night, kept the firefighters on their toes till the very early in the morning. Although, the cause of fire remained unknown it was sent for investigation with immediate effect.