New York has been affected with one of the worst floods because of the tremendous rain it has been receiving. Taken the hit of the very recent Hurricane Ida that ended the life of at least 11 people, New York is again facing the threat of storm that might lead to flooding especially in the coastal areas. The threat has rendered all the working space closed and do not see any sign of opening anytime soon as rain along with the wind keep doing the damage.

The coastal regions are predicted to be impacted the most as the rain is predicted to be strengthening there and is set to receive 3-6 inches of rain. The heavy downpour along with the storm is affecting the daily lives of the residents drastically with schools and offices not being able to function.  Power outages were also reported in certain areas due to strong winds. However, rescue operations were carried out in most of the affected areas including Queens. Report of flooding and mudslides have also recorded in certain places.

The storm however does not seem to slow down anytime soon and has been getting stronger and gaining pace.