An active shooter incident can arise anytime and catch the victims off-guard. The need is to tackle the situation tactically while keeping your mind calm. Preparedness is of utmost importance in such situation.

This extremely unpredictable situation requires people to handle the situation mindfully. Panicking in such situation would only worsen it. Some tips or practices that could help an individual in such situation is being aware of the surroundings, any possible danger and the all emergency or non-emergency exists. If it is not possible for you to head to either exist during the incident, the best alternative is to find a room and secure it close. Silent your cell phones and make sure the door is completely locked and barricaded. Try to stay away from the assaulters as much as possible. Run if needed. This increases your chance of survival many folds as running makes you a harder target to shoot. Fight, only when it’s the last resort. Don’t fight fair and try to take control of the arm because once you gain control on the arms and ammunitions the shooters are using, you gain control on their activity and are able to save lives.

Your response is what matters the most during an Active Shooter incident.