Liability insurance quotes for nonprofit organizations from Laurence Taylor Insurance Services are easy and cost effective. Our objective at Laurence Taylor Insurance Services is to give our non-benefit and human administrations and services providing clients with the most grounded and strong insurance programs which are risk efficient and supportive with comprehensive coverage and protection. We… Continue reading Non-Profits


Municipalities are mainly responsible for the provision of all types of public amenities that are responsibly provided to the mass by the government. Considerable changes in the recent years for public entities including the nature and the extent of risk, governance, emerging legislation, programed cost management, and compliance. With these, there are more complex challenges… Continue reading Municipalities


The Brilliant Laurence Taylor Insurance Services experts give the assembling and manufacturing clients coordinated, complete, and financially savvy answers to deal with your interesting openings and settle your unique challenges. We become your accomplice, confidant, and advocate by being profusely involved in the process. Thus, providing you with the best insurance plans when it is… Continue reading Manufacturing

Maids & Janitorial

Janitorial and cleaning organizations commonly need to buy a group of insurance policies to cover up their risks and protect their resources. Each cleaning business, from private housekeeper administrations to business janitorial organizations, needs business protection. Which insurance policies they purchase and how much their coverage costs rely upon their business activities. Since cleaning business… Continue reading Maids & Janitorial

Law Firms

Legal advisors work constantly to layout their client base and fabricate a fruitful firm. However, even with heavenly client administration, spontaneous occasions can introduce difficulties to a company’s main goal. At Laurence Taylor Insurance Services, we provide specialized insurance solutions for lawyers and their organizations to assist with tending to their unique exposures. Each law… Continue reading Law Firms

Jewelers Block

The Jewelers Block Insurance Covers loss or damage to jewelry , gold and silver ornaments or plates , pearls, precious stones, cash Currency notes whilst contained in the premises insured, by fire, explosion, lightning, burglary, house breaking, theft, hold up, robbery, riot, strike and malicious damage and terrorism. This is an Insurance policy extraordinarily intended… Continue reading Jewelers Block

Houses Of Worship

From the start, you don’t consider a congregation, a church, or a house of worship a business element. Working with individuals and assisting them with reaching out to their other worldliness is your need.As the proprietor of a congregation or a position of love, you probably won’t understand that it needs as much insurance as… Continue reading Houses Of Worship


We specialize in identifying and controlling potential sources of loss with our specific insurance projects. We apply the most effective schemes that help protect and grow your business and apply cost-effective insurances. Our expert team helps advocate and manage the insurance process and dealings very closely to bring positive response with the situation. With our… Continue reading Hospitality

Home Health Care

Medical concepts, safe support

With the rapid advancements in the field of medical sciences, follow-up treatment can be handled at home. Before we dive any further, it is critical to know that a few infections or ailments not covered by an insurance contract might fall under the post-hospitalization treatment, which is covered by the contract. For example – Prompted… Continue reading Home Health Care

Gentlemen’s Clubs

The night can be unpredictable and your insurance should protect you and your employees against whatever happens. Adult Clubs, Strip Clubs, and Gentlemen’s Clubs require coverage for their unique offerings. Our decades of experience ensure that you’ll be set up with the appropriate insurance coverage to serve you well. You and your employees work too… Continue reading Gentlemen’s Clubs